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Financially Free is a State of Mind

Posted By on May 15, 2007

You may not believe it but being financially free is a state of mind first.  If you do not believe you can be financially independent then the money will not come your way.  On the off chance you win the lottery or inherit some money from a long lost relative before long it will be gone and you will be in the same place you are now. Yes, it is depressing to think that your life will always be the way it is now.  I understand the long nights worrying about paying the bills, being evicted, however, once I decided that was not going to be my life anymore everything changed. I had a job opportunity come up where the client offered to put me up in an apartment as it was cheaper for them then my staying in a hotel. Ok now the rent is covered for the next 6months and I no longer have to worry about being evicted.

So I took the money I would have put toward rent and split it into piles, 1 pile to pay extra on credit cards so I could start whittling down my debt, 1 pile for retirement savings, 1 pile for long term savings – in my case a down payment on my own home.

Yes, it took some discipline to work with this system, but it was worth it.  At the end of the 6months,  I had managed to pay off 1 of my credit card balances and had paid the rest of the cards on time. This allowed me to negotiate better interest rates with the cards I still had balances on.  At the end of 4 years I had paid off all the debt that had accumulated during my marriage and subsequent divorce and even had a small nest egg available to use for a down payment on a condo.

My story is not unique.  I have talked to a number of friends and women I have met in my travels who have a similiar story to tell.

The moment they decided that this is NOT my life.  ” I am rich, famous, well liked, and do what I want when I want because I can”, suddenly that became their life.  Maybe you think being rich is bad, if you do let me suggest you go to At this site you will find a wealth of information on getting your mind in the right place to accomplish your goals.

I heard a presenter at a seminar I attended say “If you ignore money or tell money it is bad it will not come to you. It will instead go to someone who will embrace it.  Those are the people who always get more money.

I am not suggesting that the love of money is a good thing, what I am suggesting is that accepting that money is necessary to make things happen for you and recognizing that nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.

So take a deep breath, focus on something positive in your future, and go for it.

I believe in you and know you can do it.

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Welcome to Suddenly Single Blog. This site is dedicated to helping women overcome their anxiety over money matters and show step by step how they can take control of their own financial futures. I am the host of this site and the author of the book, Money is Freedom and Safety. My life was once chaos: divorced, financially stressed wondering how I was going to make ends meet and now my life is financially rewarding and I live in my dream home working at my dream career. How I achieved it was easier than I thought it would be.  The main requirement to becoming financially free is to decide you want to do it. For more on this thought return to the blog and see Financially Free is a State of Mind. My mission in life is to educate and encourage women, teenagers and college students on basic financial skills so they can be financially independent and can focus on their mission in life rather than on getting a job to pay bills!'